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Manjoz (Matiek Keworkian)
Born in the Netherlands on the 18th of February
At a young age he already felt a big passion for music, he was always listening to music and he was always fooling around with the knobs on the stereo.
Also he experimented a lot with two cassette tapes, just recording the tracks over another one till something different came out.

Besides that he also played a lot on the piano, always trying to make his own melody’s which were playing on and on in his head.
On the computer he was always making remixes of original tracks. At that time bubbling was a major music scene, and since it was going very well playing his tracks in de school canteen it gave him a a lot of confidence. One of his remixes even reached number 12 of the top100, of course he found that very special.
He makes a lot of music like urban, hiphop and bubbling, he also producing beats for rappers.

After a while saving, he decided to buy some turntables. He started buying records and started mixing for real. In the beginning he experienced it was harder than he thought. After practise and practise, over and over again, he was getting the feeling of it.

In 2010 he had a big love for house music, so he decide to make house music, house music with a latin vibe and dutch style.

After that he changed the turntables for some CD players and a mixer. The word that he was playing as a DJ went round and round. Soon he was playing on school partys and after that in a club. The crowd gone wild en he felt like a hero playing for 250 people at the age of 16!
After that he was playing on weddings, birthdays and partys but didnt found it interesting enough, he wanted to play in the clubs!

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